• CIDAO requested that I give some information about surfing's history. I've posted this before on another site, so some of you might have already seen it.

    Counter-Strike surfing began around the Summer of 2004. I came across the idea for surfing in CS by accident. I made a map called ka_killbox a few months before the first surf map was made. Ka_killbox features a dead end street of a neighboring town that I grew up in. My friends and I would do sort of a destruction derby down this one street, so I decided to make this map in CS. The level featured a big street with three big houses going down the angled street. While messing around in the map one day, I slipped off the side of one of the houses and as I was falling to my death I landed near a ladder connected to the adjacent house. So during the next round, I went back to the roof and tried sliding off and landing on the ladder. Eventually I got it and thought it was awesome. I went right back into Valve Hammer, the CS level creator, and opened up ka_killbox. I took the roof of that one house and turned it into a prefab then opened a completely new file and put just that roof in. After a while of messing with the angles and positioning of all the brushes, the objects in Hammer, I finalized the main "wave". This wave can be seen in most of my maps such as surf_egypt, surf_water-run, and surf_ninja. The maps were named surf because I thought it looked like people were surfing on these concrete waves and so the name stuck.

    The first surf map ever made was called surf_the-gap. It consisted of just the main wave, a platform with water on it and a button to blow up the whole map. The idea of the map was to be the first person to surf and land on the platform and kill everyone. It was very basic, but my friends and I would play that map for hours each day. Most of the beginning maps were like this. They were designed as killing maps and the original air_accelerate was 10 or default. There were some test maps that I made that were never played or even heard of from anyone else because I was still new to Valve Hammer and they didn't make the cut.

    I never had a professional server, so all of the early maps were played right off a server I made from my computer. At first, surfing didn't do too well. No one knew how to surf and they would get frustrated and leave. After a while, more and more people would join my crappy server and we eventually had a following. Surfing began to take off when I created surf_egypt. It was the first surf map that I ever put any aesthetic appreciation into, but remember I was still new to Hammer so it obviously wasn't too pretty. Everyone loved egypt, well those that could atleast make it from the main wave to the second wave.

    Many of my friends really supported my maps and played everyday in my server with me. My one good friend, Despair, even helped run a second server off of his computer. We began making dedicated servers and leaving them on over night and when we were at school. It wasn't until one day when I noticed in Despair's server that I was surfing way too high compared to normal on surf_christmas. I asked him if he changed the gravity, but he said no. He gave me the rcon to the server and after some snooping I noticed he changed air_accelerate to 50. We eventually found out 100 is the limit and then I began creating maps based on air_accelerate 100.

    Surfing has changed so much since the early days. What began as basically preventing yourself from falling to your death to complete the level has turned into almost flying in CS today. Killing in surf maps is almost unheard of nowadays and most people now use developer 1 to get more fps to surf easier. I had a tough time changing my mind to even start mapping for air_accelerate 100.

    I would have never thought surfing would get as popular as it did. I would like thank anyone who ever helped with the advancement of these maps and anyone who continues to advance them. I haven't released a map in so long that most people probably think I died. I will continue making surf maps in the future as long as people keep playing them.

    - Mariowned

    7 years ago

    I got really excited reading it, not kidding. Yes, many things were changed and developed since 2004, but in my opinion it was changed for better gameplay. There are some maps that are played for kill, such as ski2, megawave... and dunno if you know, but some maps were include timers ingame, like ninja for example. I guess it's not possible but I'd love to see old maps with buttons, gonna be really amazing. Anyways, thank you for the text, I think most of us never saw some story detailed about surf as this one, and I'm waiting for your new maps as never waited for something in surf before.

  • I am happy to see how far surfing has come. I admit at first I was upset seeing people use developer 1 and surfing with 500 fps. People I've never seen before were surfing 100X better than me back when I was the best (not bragging just saying that I had so much more time surfing since it was so new) I was seeing people surf from the first slide in egypt to the top of the pyramid... it was unbelievable. I watch surf movies now and I am honestly impressed. I have gotten over the fact that developer 1 is the way to go and I accept it. I actually started playing with it for my new map.

    My question to you all is why does everyone cap fps at 131? Does it have to do with not getting stuck on the ramps or is it just a random number that stuck?

    As long as I continue to make surf maps, I will continue to make them "beatable" by people who aren't very good because if I made maps designed specifically for all you top guys, I wouldn't even have fun playing them haha. I am, however, keeping you top surfers in mind by adding elements like teleport boosts.

    7 years ago

    mhmm, for speed run, people use 131 and 125, 125fps is much faster than 131, but some maps you can't get a good time using 125, maps that requires smoothness to get high fly. I think It got a discussion about what the highest fps permitted, and most of surfers decided 131, I guess the surf hadn't developed too much using developer 0. About the top 2 top at surf egypt, It was the last 'new' thing discovered, It's called 'exceed' for many people, those way that you make like a strafe in every single part of the wave. Here is a little clip (click here) we were the first making it, not auto-displaying anyways, I'm totally away from cs nowadays.
    About beatable maps, I guess that everyone enjoy playing maps not that hard.

  • My question to you all is why does everyone cap fps at 131? Does it have to do with not getting stuck on the ramps or is it just a random number that stuck?


    its more like a random number... a middle ground between the oldschool who used dev0 and the 150+ fps surfers
    someone was talking about this some time ago, i think the first to use 131 was fatmike

  • Haha, nice video. What fps were you guys using for that trick?

    7 years ago

    131.. and hey, I think I know some of your friends.
    squanto? atticus ? THE BIGGG LEWIS.. well, don't remember exactly

  • Yeah, Squanto and Atticus were buddies of mine in high school. The Big Lewis sounds familiar but he wasn't a real life buddy.

  • 131 is a number the surf-cs crew, the biggest (and best) community/clan around came up as a cap in late 2006. The number was actually going to be 130, which is a random number higher than 100 but not too high to actually make things too easy.
    For some game mechanics reason fps_max 130 feels very very awkward and fps buggs acure quite often. I believe it was flying squirrel who suggested we'd use 131 instead, because that way the fps wouldnt bounce up and down between 2 and 3 in the second digit.

    Why the hell that would change this i have no idea, the whole developement was quite random. Well in the end we stuck with 131 and it soon became the "official" fps for surfing.

    Oh and fatmike was whoring like a prostitute, he was never below 151, but probably even around 200.

  • Already read it, I think you posted it on either surf-cs or xtreme-surfs. Good reading nonetheless.

    Surfing with more than 131 fps is still acceptable if you need it for a trick that is "impossible" with 131 though. Just make sure people are aware of it or they will call you an fps whore.


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